Privacy Policy

Information Collection and Use

The Contractor Tax Calculator UK app by YVY allows the user to enter revenue and income information (in pounds sterling) and calculates the relevant tax along with a graphical explanation of the various tax bands. The app does not request nor store any other information than numbers entered by the user. All information entered is stored on the user’s mobile device only and nowhere else. If a user chooses to contact us sending a message via email or any other channel, YVY will treat the content of the information as strictly confidential and will never share any of it with a third party. YVY does neither plan to change the nature of the app nor intend to collect any user data going forward. However, if any such change should arise in the future, it would be published as part of this privacy policy and the users of the app would be notified.


The Contractor Tax Calculator UK app calculates salary tax as raised in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. This calculator is for illustrative purpose only, and it is not a substitute for professional advice.